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Gold Hunter Test Kit

Gold Kit


Gold Hunter Test Kit

We probably have driven by and walked over ore zones when we were out hunting, or rock hounding or even just hiking. Who knows? These areas could be very rich in gold. Before now, we had no feasible, quick, affordable way to determine if that pretty looking rock or ore zone actually contained gold. Why, I can almost smell that gold dust just begging me to set it free.

Well I want to tell you something "There's gold in them hills!"

Finding out the hard way is now all in the past.

This is how it works:

Due to a special space age technology and some extensive lab experiments, we've successfully developed a very inexpensive and simple field test to determine if there is gold present.

"The Gold Hunter" kit that you now have can perform up to 50 field tests for about a buck a test. One very important advantage with this field test is that you can inexpensively perform several tests on an ore zone and get a rough estimate of the size of the gold bearing zone. A second advantage is that you can perform a field test right at the ore zone and determine if gold is present in about 60 minutes or less. THEN, if the situation calls for it, you can send a sample for a fire assay.

Follow the directions carefully and handle the liquids with caution. The test liquids are not dangerous or toxic but use the same cautions that you would with ordinary household products. As with all non-consumable products, do not to swallow or get any of the liquids in your eyes.


Gold Hunter Test Kit

Nothing like this has ever been on the market and prospectors have dreamed of being able to stop and make a quick test and within 60 minutes determine if there is gold in the ore.

Imagine being able to make a test for a buck, right on site! This way, You already have a good idea of the gold content.

Don't be misled by the expensive test kits for home use:
There are a couple of test kits on the market today for home use. You must be very careful using them and they are expensive -sometimes as much as $150 for a few tests. Our system allows you to have a reliable test kit with enough supplies to do up to 50 tests for a minuscule investment. You'll spend more for a nice dinner with the wife! We get you started to 50 tests and if you need a refill, not a problem because we have very inexpensive refills for those of you are doing a serious amount of prospecting. Please take the time to click on the test link at the top of the page and see an actual test being done with this remarkable new system.


Gold Kit

Gold Kit

Gold Kit
The more purple the higher gold content.

This test kit is very simple and easy to use.

**********IMPORTANT NOTICE **********
AS SIMPLE AS 1 - 2 - 3

STEP 1: Just put a good pinch of crushed ore or black sand fines or concentrates in the test bottle and cover with the KD-1 solution. You should use twice the volume of KD-1 as the amount of ore. If you have 1/4 inch of ore then you should cover it with about ½ inch of leach solution for a total of about 3/4 inch of volume in the bottle. The ore will absorb a bit of the leach, which is ok, accuracy is not critical at this point. Let the leach work for about one hour. The leach should start changing to a yellow color. The color may or may not indicate gold, as iron and other metals will also turn the leach different colors. Step three will tell if there is gold present in your ore. Do not rush your test, as it make take two to three hours before the leach has dissolved the gold in the ore. We recommended that you do a spot test each hour for up to four hours. Sometime the complex ores can take longer for the ore to dissolve. If you do not get an indication after four hours you probably do not have enough gold present to activate the KD-3. This test has been designed as a field-test for the amateur and professional to determine if there is a "Payday" amount of gold present. There may be a small amount of micron gold in the ore that could be of interest to a large mining company but may not show positive with this test, so if you think that may be the case then we would recommended that you take your sample for a professional "Fire" or "AA" Assay to get an accurate determination of the amount of gold present. If you do not get a "positive" indication on the spot test after four hours then there probably is not enough gold present to be profitable to try and recover.

STEP 2: After an hour, take the siphon tube and siphon a small amount of the leach solution and place a drop on a piece of tissue paper or paper towel.

STEP 3: Now take the KD-3 solution and add a drop to the leach spot on the tissue paper. If there is gold present the spot will immediately turn dark purple to almost black, this positive reaction tells you that there is gold present. Although the initial spot is very dark it will turn to a purple to a rose color as the tissue dries, especially around the edges of the spot. Usually the darker the purple the richer the ore. If it doesn't change color or you see no purple color then you have no gold present or not enough gold present to be profitable to recover with this system. If you get a brown or dark brown color then that is probably iron, or one of the other lesser metals. If you get a green leach color and a blue spot then you probably have copper. You may see a hint of purple as gold is usually present with copper but there is probably not enough gold to recover. It is the "purple" to lavender color that you are looking for. The blackish purple with the rose colored edges is unmistakable and the color will form immediately as the two solutions mix. If it is dark purple like dark grape juice then you probably have found your high grade gold. Once you have a positive indication then we highly recommend that you go directly to the recovery test process to determine the amount of gold present and how to recover it from solution.



Once you have determined that you have gold then the next step is to process the ore or your concentrates to recover the gold out of solution.

STEP 1: Take some crushed ore and put in a small glass beaker, (do not use plastic), for the first sample we recommend that you use a small sample of approximately one to two ounces of ore. Again cover the ore with KD-1 leach to about twice the amount of leach to ore. Stir the solution about once an hour and let the solution work for approximately 4 hours. The color of the solution should be a nice yellow. You can allow the leach to work for 24 hours if you like but normally the gold has been dissolved in 4 to 6 hours. At this point do a tissue spot test with a drop of the leach and a drop of the KD-3. If you get a nice dark purple reaction then drain the leach from the ore into a clean beaker. Add approximately 5 drops of KD-3 per oz of leach. Let set for approximately 1 hour. If there is good gold in the sample you will see some brown precipitant in the bottom of the beaker or glass and there should be a "gob" of reddish brown looking material either floating on top of the leach or in the bottom. Add one additional drop of KD-3 and if there is no reaction then the solvent extraction process has been completed and all the gold has precipitated out. Now drain off the leach. You can just pour it off and then use the siphon tube to draw off the remainder of the leach. Next fill the glass up with water to wash the "gob" and any brown powder that may be in the bottom of the glass. Drain the water and cover the precipitant and gob in the glass with some Muriatic (HCL) acid. This will remove any excess iron and other contaminating lesser metals. (If you do have any muriatic acid then you may skip this step for your initial test. It is highly recommended that you wash with HCL if you plan on doing any amount of gold recovery. This wash is necessary to remove any iron. Let the solution set for 15 minutes and then pour off the excess acid and wash a second time with water. You can pour the water through a coffee filter or just let dry Take out the "gob" and press with a knife blade on a hard white surface such as on a piece of paper, it should turn to a perfect gold color - as it will actually be metallic gold. Save the brown powder as this also could have some gold present. Once you have metallic gold you can sell it. You can now gear up for any production size to recover your gold.

One quart of KD-1 and KD-3 should be enough solution to drop several ounces of gold. And you have enough KD-3 to last for months; it should have a shelf life of at least a year if not longer. The KD-1 may start to flatten after about 90 days but can be regenerated with the addition of a small amount of Nitric Acid.

Hazard or health concerns on our KD solutions. KD-1 does contain a diluted acid mix in the solution. Wash hands and keep off clothing. Be careful as if you were handling laundry bleach. KD-3 needs to be handled in a similar manner as KD-1. Wash hands and keep off of clothing. If you have sensitive skin wear gloves during the testing process. All products are non-flammable.
CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Wear gloves. If swallowed call physician immediately.
Bottom line… you have more hazards under your kitchen sink!

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